Course Schedule

Schedule of Activities:

1 Credit of INDS399 assumes ~40 hours of work from each student; Because this class involves many different “teachers,” and assumes a lot of independent work from the student, each activity is associated with a clear indication of how much time we expect you to spend. Each week adds up to approximately ~40/15 = 2-3 hrs work. Make sure your semester plans leave enough room for this commitment – and remember that 40 hours of work does not include time for breaks and distractions, so (for example) a 1 hour writing assignment may well take 90 minutes of your ‘real’ time, during which you are working on the assignment for ~60 minutes.

You will note that we have broken down 15 weeks into 5 “modules” (each 3 weeks in duration) that follow different themes. For example, the first module (weeks 1-3) focuses on getting set up, whereas the second module (weeks 4-6) focuses upon learning the tools and skills necessary to search for scholarly sources.

Please take a moment now to map onto this schedule anything you know about your other commitments and activities this coming semester, in order to mark times when you may expect to feel pressure from a pull in other directions (big exams, any travel plans etc.) Make plans early – and talk to your mentors, INDS advisor or the course organizer – about how to work within these limitations.

Module 1  (Week 1 – 2) – Getting Set Up – Due June 15, 2018

Module 2 (Week 3 – 6) – Building your Foundation of Resources – Due June 29, 2018

Module 3 (Week 7 – 9) – Developing your Knowledge Base – Due July 20, 2018

Module 4 (Week 10 – 12) – Integrating Scholarship of Interdisciplinarity (SOI) – Due August 10, 2018

Final Exam (Week 13 – 15) – Producing Research Question – Due August 21, 2018


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