Module 1 – Getting Set Up – Due June 15, 2018

7.5 hrs total work

(a) Create a free web-site for yourself at Google [15 minutes] Make an appointment to meet with Samirah Hassan and Holly Cudzilo for ~30 minutes of guidance on how to set up your site [30 mins] – this is the start of your web portfolio, which you are welcome to grow throughout your degree (and take with you when you graduate!

(b) In addition to your homepage, create 5 new pages. For now, you may title these “Degree Plan Description,” “Capstone Research Idea,” “Learning Objectives,” “Resources,” and “Journal Entries.” The last of these pages (Journal Entries), should be set to be viewable only by you, your mentors, your INDS advisor and the INDS Director. The other three pages should be set to be viewable (but not editable) by the world. [30 mins]

(c) Copy and paste the appropriate parts of your INDS degree plan proposal (Capstone Idea, Degree Plan Description, and Learning Objectives) onto the appropriate pages of your web portfolio. Find all the sources used in your INDS degree proposal (citations, URL’s etc.) and upload them into the “sources” page [30 mins] 

(d) Spend about 15 minutes each on (i) looking up the web portfolios of others and (ii) looking at the options for customizing your own site in order to explore the “look and feel” of your web portfolio. Of course you can come back to this later, but right from the start it would be good to have some ideas about how your own unique web-presence will look to the outside world. [30 mins]

(e) Set up an appointment for meeting with INDS Director to occur before the end of semester week 2 (see “A Guide to Best Practices for Professional Meetings – v1” document) [15 mins + 30 mins to read and implement the guide]

(f) Complete Journal Entry #1 within 24 hours of meeting with Hassan and Cudzilo using ~100 words on your capstone topic, ~100 words on your motivation to pursue this topic and ~100 words on your resources (faculty mentors, coursework, etc.). We will be using page throughout the semester to guide development of your ideas, so be as honest as you can here. [60 mins] 

(g) Meet with INDS Director for 30 minutes. Expect to follow the preparation steps described in the “best practice” guide for meetings (which means that you will need to budget 60 minutes total for this 30 minute meeting. If that does not make sense to you, then re-read the “best practice” guide). Expect to being the meeting by reading JE#1 to the director.  [60 mins] 

(h) Complete Journal Entry #2 within 24 hours of this meeting. Summarize this meeting and the actions you have taken as a result, as described in the “meetings best practices guide”- and then write the brief follow up email described in the guide [120 minutes] 


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