Module 2 – Building Foundation of Resources – Due June 29, 2018

7 hrs total work
(a) Make arrangements to meet for ~1 hr with the reference librarian. Each academic program has a reference librarian assigned to it. We do not mind, however, which reference librarian you speak with so long as they are able to help you with this module. Drew Alfgren is our designated reference librarian for the INDS program, but Semhar Yohannes helped us design this module. Please visit to make this appointment.
 [30 mins]

(b) Make arrangements to meet for ~30 minutes with all Faculty Research Mentors (1-on-1 with each of them) around week 6. You may tell them at this point that the purpose of the meeting will be to seek feedback on the scholarly sources that you have found and started to read by then*  [1 hr – assumes you have 2 mentors]

* your meeting with the reference librarian will help you find these resources, and if you stay on the timeline then you will be ready by the time of this meeting with your faculty

(c) Meet with the Reference Librarian for Training Day to learn “how to find and identify sources for your research” and “how to use strategy and organization to improve your search.” [1 hr] 

(d) Complete Journal Entry #3: Summarize what you learned from this meeting, covering the following in a total of 500 words or less:

  • What Library Resources are relevant to you?
  • How do you intend to conduct a research thesis?
  • What is the process for requesting an Inter-Library Loan?
  • What search strategies were you shown that are relevant to you?
  • What is End Note and how do you intend to use it to keep track of your resources?

[1.5 hrs] 

(e) Begin searching for scholarly sources using the leads generated by your meeting in step © above [1.5 hrs]

(f) Continue to search for scholarly sources, using EndNote to organize your results; prepare a list of the resources that seem most relevant to you, divided into the areas of expertise of each of your mentors: these lists are part of your meeting preparation (see best practices) [1.5 hrs]


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