Module 3 – Developing Your Knowledge Base – Due July 20, 2018

 8 ½ hrs total work
(a) Meet with each of your faculty mentors for ~30 minutes to receive their expertise, experience and input for the choice of sources that you have identified (longer meetings are fine – if both you and they agree: assume, however, that you will need a minimum of 30 minutes to get useful input appropriate to your challenge) [60 mins – assumes two mentors] 

(b) Complete Journal Entry # 4: summarize your meeting with your faculty mentors according to “best practices meeting guide” [120 mins – assumes 2 mentors](c) Read and take notes on the sources that have been identified by you and vetted by your Research Mentor 2 [120 mins] 

(c) Complete Journal Entry # 5: Read and summarize your readings using template3 and your notes for each one [60 mins] 

(d) Complete Journal Entry #6: use journal entries #2, #4 and #5 to create a short report on how the readings so far develop your capstone research question. [60 mins] 

(e) Share Journal Entry #6 with your INDS advisor and ask for a meeting, or simple electronic feedback (whatever you both agree is most appropriate) to discuss this progress – i.e. expect to start this meeting by relating the information you have written in JE#6. [90 mins] 


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