Module 4 – Integrating Scholarship of Interdisciplinarity (SOI) – Due August 10, 2018

8 Hrs total work

(a)  Complete Journal Entry #7 by using the “Scholarship of interdisciplinarity” document and your learning from INDS330 to identify components that you think might be useful to your proposed capstone project. Your journal entry should use 300 words or less to describe at least one bridging strategy and/or one strategy for creating common ground that applies to your capstone project on the basis of whether disciplinary insights involved are in conflict with one another or contribute different parts of the answer you seek. It should conclude by using one or two sentences to explain how you perceive your project in relation to critical interdisciplinarity versus instrumental interdisciplinarity. Throughout your writing use the definitions (quotes) and associated  formal citations to explain your choices. Upload this text to a new page, entitled SOI Panel in your web-portfolio and make sure that these integration strategy citations are listed on the Resourcespage of your portfolio. Share this URL with the INDS staff via email at least 24 hrs before the meeting. [120 mins]

(b) Set up an appointment with the INDS SOI* panel to occur within weeks 10-12 of the semester. To do this, combine what you learned in Module #1 (e) with your growing experience gathered through the meetings you have held with the Director, mentors and advisor to set up a meeting which invites all members of the INDS staff (McAlpine, Freeland, Brown, Hassan and Sauter). Any one panel will likely have a sub-set of staff present – but who that is changes from one panel to the next. [10 mins]

(SOI = scholarship of interdisciplinarity)

(c) Meet with INDS SOI panel to discuss the web-portfolio you have been assembling, and seek input/ideas for further interdisciplinary reading that will identify the components upon which you have settled. Students are encouraged to record this meeting. Click here to find the Instruction for the SOI Panel Presentation [1 hr] 

(d) Read and take notes on the sources that have been identified to you by the INDS SOI panel [3 hrs]

(e) Add SOI readings to your resource page [30 mins] 

(f) Complete Journal Entry #8 by copying and then modifying JE#8 so as to summarize the outcome of the SOI panel meeting – i.e. the choice of SOI components and their relevance to your evolving capstone project. Share this with your INDS advisor and the SOI panel by follow up email [120 mins] 


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