Final Exam – Due August 21, 2018


5.5 hrs total work

(a) Revisit the capstone paragraph you uploaded at the start of the and use Journal Entries #7 and #8 to write Journal Entry #9 – a ~500 word “Delta Essay” that explains how your work in this course has changed and developed your ideas for capstone research (2 distinct developed!). As always, write in full sentences that flow together into paragraphs – but do not waste words and time writing sentences that do not answer directly the prompt [4 hrs]

(b) Define a single-sentence research question that guides your capstone research project and write a brief series of subheadings to represent the sub-topics into which you now perceive this question will take you. [30 mins]

(c) Read the ‘Capstone Types’ Rubric and identify the capstone type that you think you will be executing  and how it fits your disciplines[30 minutes](c) Complete Journal Entry # 10: Write ~250 words, with appropriate citations (both for your subject matter and for the scholarship of interdisciplinarity), to explain how you plan on meeting the rubric requirements of your chosen capstone type [60 mins]


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